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About Blockchain at UCI

Blockchain at UCI is an ecosystem for blockchain education, development, and networking at UC Irvine and surrounding areas. We organize workshops, educational seminars, hackathons, and networking events to facilitate the growth of blockchain awareness, technical understanding, and thorough training.

Blockchain at UCI collaborates with industry leaders to host events with various blockchain-oriented companies, in pursuit of identifying efficient and practical blockchain technologies, and helping students in Orange County develop the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in new, exciting opportunities surrounding blockchain.

UCI Blockathon 2018

October 20th, 2018

We gathered 4 different blockchain platforms for students to explore the various options and work on their first blockchain project.

Blockchain Development Day 2018

June 2nd, 2018

We had The DEN and NEM holding their workshops teaching students skills of building programs that integrate blockchain technology.

Women in Blockchain Summit 2018

April 8th, 2018

Women in Blockchain is a one-day conference hosted by Blockchain at UCI. The conference will be led by prominent women leaders in various blockchain industries. The mission for this event is to encourage and engage the community to learn and communicate about the potential blockchain presents for social and economic reform. The blockchain industry is ripe for both change and growth, making it perfect for setting standards in diversity and inclusion.

Meet the Team


Bill Maurer

Dean, UCI School of Social Sciences

Professor Maurer is a cultural anthropologist and sociolegal scholar. His work explores the technological infrastructures and social relations of exchange and payment, from cowries to credit cards and cryptocurrencies. He is interested in the broad range of technologies people have used throughout history and across cultures to figure value and conduct transactions.

Paul Dourish

Associate Dean, UCI Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Paul Dourish is Chancellor’s Professor of Informatics and studies human-computer interaction, digital culture, and technology as a site of social and cultural production. His recent work has focused in particular on the materialities of digital information, protocols, and infrastructures.

Heidi Pease

Cofounder, Los Angeles Blockchain Lab

Heidi cofounded the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab, a partnership of academia, government, startups, enterprise, nonprofits, and the community focused on developing the Southern California blockchain ecosystem. She is also an advisor for numerous startups including Spire and DApperNetwork.

Franky Hu

Director, Zoaks

Franky is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He founded his very first company Zoaks, an app development firm in 2010. He invested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups since 2013. He recently focused on smart contract to bring trustless to different industries.

Anisa Khoshbakhtian

Head of Marketing, Digital Asset Advisors

Anisa is a Co-founder and Head of Marketing for Digital Asset Advisors, a blockchain and emerging technology consulting group, and has success in brand marketing and community engagement for blockchain startups. She is driven by her passion to connect people to innovative brands and finding blockchain solutions for everyday consumer needs. She has a background in multichannel marketing for startups in consumer packaged goods, retail, entertainment, and tech. Anisa holds a BA from UCI in International Studies and an MBA from the USC Marshall School of Business.

Patrick South

Vice President of Development, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Patrick South is the Vice President of Development for the Chamber of Digital Commerce. Prior to joining the Chamber, he was the blockchain practice lead at Accenture Federal Services where he helped clients move beyond traditional technology strategies by shifting to innovative architectures, methods and tools which drive new capabilities, value and outcomes. Patrick serves as Blockchain at UCI's Consulting Arm and Project Direction Advisor.


Ryan Eshaghi


Sanjith Venkatesh

Vice President

Lucas Erb

Vice President

Jake Lee

Director of Projects and Development

Brian Nguyen

Director of Outreach

Fuchen Shi

Director of Marketing and Content Production

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